AncientMu Mu Online Season 18 Part 1-3 12.May

Ancient MuOnline Season 18 Opening 12.May

Experience: Regular x99999, Master x99999, Majestic x99999

Reset ingame 400lvl stats stays: command: /reset. No reset limit, reset in spot!
Ertel Upgrade rates 100%, just farm the components, All item Level up upgrades 100%
NPC Jewels, Boxes, Exc Weapons, All skills

Game Play: Get maximum stats easily and fast, after that hunt mini-bosses, and participate in events, PVP, guilds.

Gifts for players!

  All characters have gifts waiting after creating a character
  2lvl Wings
  Blood Angel Exc weapon
  Red fenrir
  2nd Lucky set tickets (+15 after opened)

    /panda to get 3day Brown panda ring & Pet!
    /penta Get pentagram (Gladiator's Dagger)

Spots: All maps 5mobs, 1 Hotspot each map 10mobs
Points per level: 10 all classes, Master points per level: 5, majestic: 3

Custom jewels, events, game commands!

Auto Combo system! Socket items on +15 with any 5 sockets enabled custom options!

Mix rates:
Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
Life: 70%

Chaos machine for regular items & Earrings: 100%
Errtels/Pentas level up: till 100%

Ice Wind Valley: Daily Rewards 2000 WCoins to guild master and 2000 WCoins to guild members
PVE: Buffed monsters, takes full stats to conquest last maps. Can solo PVE top maps.
PVP: Balanced on full stats with decent gear! PVP time ~3-6 seconds!

Blood Castle rewards AA weapons + Wcoins. BC1-100, BC2-120, BC3-140, BC4-160, BC5-180, BC6-200, BC7-220, + Ruud reward
Box of blessing event every hour: 1000 Wcoins
Drop Boxes of kundun: Wcoins
White Wizzard assistants: Wcoins
Devil Square rewards: Silver and Golden key to exchnage fo ruud

Useful commands:

Quest Evolve command = /evo
Open Shop Anywhere = /npc
Open Warehouse Anywhere = /store
Decrease Strength = /decstr, Decrease Agility = /decagi, Decrease Vitality = /decvit  Decrease Energy = /decene  Decrease Command = /deccmd
Clear Inventory BAG Included Pets = /deletemyitems,  Clear Event Inventory = /cleareventinv    
 Offlevel = /offlevel  Offtrade= /offtrade
 Anti-lag System commands= /antilag

Server is located in United States.