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AncientMu is a new Mu Online project based on the latest Season 17Part2 server files. X500 Hunt/Craft lay to Win GameStyle!

Server Opening 8.July! The server is based on medium experience rate, hunting crafting and levelling with the latest Season 17 Part 2 Features, like new pets Shining tail, New map Kanturu underground, improved game UI, and new Elf skills! As well as a lot of good customs that make the game more accessible and enjoyable!

Server economy is built on play-to-win style, as every item must be hunted or crafted in-game by the player!

Game Play info and tips

Goblin points: Getting 1 level gives 1 goblin point, goblin points can be spent on Xshop, there is plenty of useful items such Wings, boxes, chaos mix items

Wcoins: Given by resetting and from Kanturu underground Elites

PlayPoints: Premium points given from donations or Wcoins that are exchanged to PlayPoints

Chaos machine: Level up items to +15 are 100% succes rate! Other mixes, standart rates, success rate shown on chaos machine.

Ruud: Obtainable in Blood Castle, Imperial Guardian event, Abys of Atlans Elite bosses